Trying to keep your grass green and luscious can feel like an overwhelming task, especially during a hot, dry summer and as we transition into fall. And while it can be challenging, maintaining the perfect lawn is doable in every season with a little know-how. Tired of looking out at a dry lawn that has lost its luster? Follow along for tips to keep your grass green all summer long.

Seasonal Aeration Is Vital

Airing out your lawn is an essential part of proper lawn care that is often overlooked. By aerating your lawn seasonally, you will help keep it looking its best. Proper aeration allows essential nutrients to access your grass roots making them healthier and more durable while allowing for better fertilization. Aeration also encourages the growth of new grass throughout your yard. This process may seem laborious and time-consuming; however, it should be done at least twice a year for best results. The aeration process is done using a spike, plug, or core aerator to poke tiny holes throughout your yard at the appropriate depth.

The Overseeding Method

Many homeowners will have to seed or add patches of sod to their yard on occasion. If you haven’t heard of the overseeding method, let us explain. Overseeding your lawn improves its overall density by filling in any bare spots where grass growth is non-existent or minimal. Ideally, you should overseed your lawn in the spring and fall shortly after it is aerated. Choosing to overseed your lawn in the spring and fall is best as there is less foot traffic, pests, and drought. The overseeding method requires adequate irrigation to support the growth of grass.

Testing Your Soil Routinely 

In order to achieve a healthy, green lawn, you need healthy soil. Soil health has a direct impact on the health and stability of your lawn. If your grass does not look very lush or green, it probably means that it is not getting enough nutrients to thrive. This is where routine soil testing comes in. Being aware of your soil composition will provide you with the insight needed to improve the overall health of your lawn and soil. Understanding the composition of your soil will allow you to make adjustments to the nutrient level using lawn supplements. By improving the composition and addressing underlying deficiencies, you are sure to see a difference in the health of your lawn.

Proper Fertilization 

Having dead or spotty patches on your lawn can be unsightly. When homeowners notice these, they are quick to apply fertilizer. However, fertilizing a lawn that is in distress is much different than fertilizing one that is green. Reviving dry, dead patches in your lawn takes more than just applying some fertilizer on it, as this can actually make the problem worse. Using fertilizer is not wrong but it is important that you apply the fertilizer appropriately to avoid causing more damage. There are several different types of lawn fertilizers, such as phosphorus, nitrogen, micronutrient, nitrogen with inhibitors, and more. Each type was created for a specific purpose and should only be applied if those conditions are met. The type of fertilizer you use and how/when you apply it will make all the difference.

Watering And Irrigation

Your lawn will not survive if it isn’t watered properly. Different grass types require different amounts of water, regardless the type though, your lawn needs watered. It is important to note that you can overwater your lawn. When lawns are overwatered, your grass is not able to get enough oxygen which can cause the roots to suffocate and the grass to die. Excessive water also makes your grass more susceptible to diseases.

How much is too much? There are a few things to consider when watering your lawn. Does the temperature where you live exceed 90 degrees daily? Be sure to check your irrigation system and maintain it regularly. This helps keep your system running optimally and allows you to be sure that your grass is getting watered and not the sidewalk.

Grab The Pooper Scooper

Having a pet can bring so much joy to any family, but not your lawn. When your pet is constantly using the bathroom outside, it can be hard on your grass. Leaving pet waste on your lawn is a quick way to fill your lawn with brown spots– and not just doggy doo. Grab the pooper scooper and remove pet waste at least weekly. When you’ve cleaned up the mess, hose down the areas where they go to help dilute any waste that remains to minimize the impact.

Hire A Pro Like Green & Grow!

Not only does having a beautifully landscaped home with the most perfect lawn make you the envy of the neighborhood, but it also adds value to your home. It takes time and knowledge to do the job effectively. Life can be busy, so you may not want to spend any free time working on your lawn when you could be having fun. If you need help or don’t have any time to invest, our team at Green & Grow can help you get your lawn looking better than ever– and keep it that way. We are trained and experienced to meet all your lawn and landscaping needs. We offer services to keep your lawn green all year long! We offer landscaping, mowing, and even seasonal maintenance services like aeration or snow shoveling. We are here to help!

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