Armyworm Control

Armyworms will eat every part of the grass blade, all the way to the beginning of the root. They will leave just particles of chewed leaves where you lawn used to be. A collection of armyworms can destroy an entire lawn within a few days. As armyworms feed, they leave brown patches in the lawn that can appear to look like heat, drought, or chemical stress.

Armyworms actually start out as moths and fly in at night feeding on nectar, mating, and searching for oviposition sites like your lawn. Plants attacked by armyworms include fescue, grain, corn, small grains, sweet potato, beans, turnip, clover, spinach, cucumber, potatoes, tomatoes, cotton, and cabbage. They deposit their eggs in rows or clusters on the lower leaves of grasses or at the base of plants. Their eggs will then hatch in 1 to 2 weeks terrorizing and destroying your lawn!

1 Treatment Is Needed

We come out to your property and spray the entire lawn with our commercial-grade liquid insecticide. All lawn areas will need to be treated since armyworms will travel untreated areas. Once armyworms come into contact with the spray they will be terminated.

After Treatment

After your armyworm treatment, we suggest that you keep ALL PETS AND HUMANS off your lawn for 2 hours. This will give the armyworm product time to completely dry and to ensure 100% effectiveness of eliminating the armyworms from your lawn.

Lawn Damage & Recovery

If your lawn has been severely damaged from the destruction of armyworms, we suggest that you use Green & Grow’s Fertilization and Weed Control Service and our Aeration and Seeding Service to get your lawn back as healthy as it was before they arrived.

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