Proper mowing techniques are a vital part of ensuring healthy grass. There are several reasons to mow your lawn routinely including improving the aesthetics of your lawn as well as promoting healthier growth and stronger grass. Routine Mowing helps…

Improve Your Curb Appeal

Most people choose to mow routinely because it makes your yard (and your home) appear more beautiful. A well maintained lawn will positively impact the how your entire neighborhood looks. Many Homeowner’s Associations have rules and regulations in regards to routine lawn care and how y’all your grass is allowed to be. Mowing regularly will keep you up to code. A well maintained lawn let’s others knows that you care about your home and property.

Keeps Your Grass Growing Healthy and Strong

To prevent disease and avoid insect infection, your grass needs to be healthy and strong. By mowing routinely, the blades of grass are kept at the ideal height for photosynthesis and will allow nutrients to be absorbed. This keeps your grass growing evenly throughout your yard which ensures the individual blades are receiving enough nutrients. You should never cut your grass more the one-third of the blade’s height as that can negatively impact how many nutrients it can receive. If you allow your grass to grow too long, you will not be able to follow proper mowing techniques that promote healthy growth.

Prevents Disease and Insect Infestation

By routinely mowing, you can monitor for signs of disease and insect infestation. It is important to treat disease immediately to keep it from spreading throughout your lawn. Fungal diseases are known to kill entire lawns as quick as they can spread. Insects including the common lawn pest, white grubs, are known to destroy healthy grass fast. Grubs target your grass at the roots which limits the ability for it to receive vital nutrients. Look for brown patches, dug up areas, and other signs that of infestation and disease. Routine lawn mowing and inspection can make this process easier and help you stop issues before they become a problem.

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