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Green & Grow takes pride in providing the finest lawn mowing services available in Lexington and Richmond, Kentucky. We have earned our reputation as a hard-working, team-oriented contractor with high standards in providing lawn mowing services. Attention to detail, an eye for cost control, and regular communication with our clients are what separates us from the rest.

Weekly Mowing
Every Other Week Mowing

Both Include mowing, trimming, edging and blowing

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Full Service Lawn Care

Lawn mowing, fertilization & weed control, aeration & seeding, insect control, and more!

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The 3 Things That You Will Need To Weed Eat Like a Pro…

The 3 Things That You Will Need To Weed Eat Like a Pro…

If you want to maintain your yard like a pro, you need to purchase the best weed eater for your needs. Additionally, learn how to use it properly. Are you jealous of how your neighbor's yard looks? You have seen him weed-eating and edging like a pro. You ask...

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