As anyone who has ever spent a summer evening in the open air knows, mosquitoes are a nuisance. With their whining buzz and relentless search for blood, they can drive even the hardiest outdoor lovers indoors with ease. They can also pose a health risk. We are into mosquito season and the fight to keep them off our property and out of our homes. Getting rid of mosquitos on your own is nearly impossible. Mosquito females lay up to 300 eggs at a time, spreading their young around your yard. In addition to their bits, the insects carry a lot of illnesses that affect us. More than malaria they spread the Zika virus, West Nile virus, encephalitis, the bird flew just to name a few. Your pets also can be at risk with mosquitos spreading heartworm disease and other dangerous parasites as well as allergic reactions and infections. The domesticated animal can become very ill after being bitten by mosquitoes. Learning how to control mosquitoes is an important step toward safeguarding your home, lawn, and landscape.

DIY vs Professional Spraying

There are several different factors to keep in mind if you’re considering spraying for mosquitoes on your own. Huge variance in the effectiveness of DIY mosquito control vs. professional mosquito control has to do with the application. A professional is trained in product handling and application whereas the average homeowner has no such training or background when it comes to using chemicals. The list of mosquito products that promise to eliminate your exposure to these bugs is vast. Everything from sticky strips to citronella candles advertises to kill mosquitoes, but most just do not work. Rather than just merely managing the number of bites you get you do want to get rid of them from coming back. Not only are they biting you and your pet they also threaten the wild animal population and even hinder property values. When you get rid of mosquitos on your property you are helping the entire community get more enjoyment from the outdoors. Professional pest control methods are the best mosquito elimination treatment on the market today. Their method of control offers many benefits that DIY simply cannot.

Safety Concerns

It’s also worth noting that there is a safety risk here, as well. Products are safe when applied properly. But a homeowner who doesn’t know how to handle or apply chemicals can potentially put themselves and their family at risk. There is also the issue of storing leftover chemicals in a safe way that would need to be addressed with a DIY approach.

Considering the Cost

In comparing DIY mosquito spray vs. using a pro, the cost is another issue that often comes up. In fact, it’s generally the main (if not only) reason why homeowners even consider spraying their property themselves. You might think that professional control is much more expensive, but it’s cheaper than most people realize — especially when they start to factor in the cost of buying the product and buying a sprayer the DIY mosquito control costs start to add up and you’re not even getting any guarantee that they’re going to work. You have to remember that your time is worth something, too.

Green & Grow Can Help with Mosquito Control

Tired of not being able to enjoy your patio or being out in your yard? We have the answer. We will come out and apply a barrier spray to rid your yard of mosquitoes and many other unwanted pests. The application needs to be done about every 3 or 4 weeks but works great.
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If you’ve decided that mosquitoes are just too risky for you to take a DIY mosquito control approach with no guarantee, then it may be time for you to seek professional services.

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