If you want to maintain your yard like a pro, you need to purchase the best weed eater for your needs. Additionally, learn how to use it properly. Are you jealous of how your neighbor’s yard looks? You have seen him weed-eating and edging like a pro. You ask yourselves why can’t I make my lawn look that good? We have all been there. Let’s find out exactly how the pros make it look so good and we also suggest you just call in a pro to do it for you!

Think of It Like Cutting Hair

Think about your hair, the sides and the back anyone can do it is the top where the experience and knowledge come into play. When it comes to getting that great look on the lawn it is all in the weed-eating. Without sharp edges, the rest of the lawn just falls flat.

Weed-eating like a pro takes three things…

  • Profession Equipment
  • Technique
  • Thick green grass

Weed-eating Equipment

Pick out the best weed-eater for you. You can find a lot of different models of a weed eater on the market, including the most popular such as cordless weed eater and gas weed eater. Which size and power rating you want to buy among a variety of models will depend on your preferences and the size of your yard. There are two essential things you should consider. The first one is to define if you prefer the unit powered by gas, electricity, or propane. The second one is about choosing the right shafts. Many people I know like weed eaters with the curved shaft, but I find the straight one more practical and convenient. Just remember the equipment the pro use cost as much as $600.00.

Have a Good Technique

Your weed eater is a pretty versatile tool that features four essential cutting techniques, including tapering, edging, scything, and screening. The only way to get professional results is to master them. Which one you prefer will depend on the effect you want to get. Find a good video to watch about weed eating to learn the techniques. Or next time you catch a professional crew out in public, watch them. With a little practice, you too can weed eat like a pro. It is all in the equipment and the form.

You’re Going To Need To Maintain a Thick Green Grass For Best Results

Think about if your lawn is not thick and green, the edges will never look sharp like the lawns you have seen and admired. That is why proper lawn maintenance is a must.

Steps to acquire that thick grass…

  • Aerate the lawn at least twice a year
  • Irrigate properly
  • Fertilize at least 4 times a year
  • Have your mower blades sharpened at least once a year

So as you see, with the right equipment, a thick green lawn, and a lot of hard work you can get that profession-looking lawn. If you don’t want to wait or have to buy all the expensive equipment to get those perfect edges and plush looking grass, than save both and hire a pro like Green & Grow.

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