No matter where you call home, if you want a green lawn that the whole street is going to talk about, you will have to work hard for it. If you have ever looked at your neighbor’s lawn and wondered why it looked greener and fuller than yours, you are not alone. It is easy to question how they do it when they live in the area as you and deal with the same weather conditions. So why isn’t yours just as green? Unfortunately, just living in the same climate doesn’t mean your lawns will look the same. Below we discuss why your neighbor’s yard looks better and what you could do to make yours look as good as theirs.

Mistakes You Might Be Making

You are probably wondering what is causing your lawn to be brown. There are multiple reasons your neighbor’s lawn looks greener, we are going to talk about the most common ones.

Maybe You Cut Too Much Grass At One Time

When you cut too much grass at once, it can be damaging to the overall health of your lawn. You should never cut more than ⅓ of the top of your grass blade in one mow. This helps you avoid burning the grass as you cut. Avoid mowing your lawn when it is wet, especially if you are using a mulching kit as this can also burn your grass.

Maybe You’re Not Taking Care of Your Soil

While some lawns will seem to stay green without fertilizer, this is not always the case. When your soil is depleted of necessary nutrients, it will not matter how well you water and cut your grass– it will still be brown. We advise getting your soil tested and applying the fertilizer your lawn requires. We suggest using an organic granular fertilizer for best results.

Maybe You’re Letting Your Dog Have Free Reign of Your Yard

Dog urine is one of the most common causes of a brown lawn. Dog urine is high in nitrogen which is good for your lawn but only in small amounts. When your dogs continuously pee in the same spot, the nitrogen begins to accumulate and eventually kill the grass. Thankfully, there are many options available to help prevent dog urine from ruining your lawn. There are also easy ways to reverse damage that your dogs have already caused.

Steps Your Neighbor Might Be Taking To Keep Their Lawn Green

It isn’t all about what you are doing wrong that will cause your lawn to not look as green as the one next door– it is also about the things they are doing right. We are going to discuss a few things your neighbor is probably doing to make their grass greener and healthier. And maybe, you’ll consider doing them too.

  • Are Your Neighbors Composting Leaves & GrasscyclingLeaves are great food for your lawn, as are the blades of grass you remove with your lawn mower. By composting both and using them in your lawn, you will be able to improve the quality of the soil and without spending a dime. As you mow this summer, mulch your clippings into the lawn or bag and compost them. When they break down, you will be able to use them as a top dressing on your grass. And when autumn rolls around and the leaves begin to fall, use them in the lawn. You can either use a mulching kit to cut them into your lawn or opt to bag and compost them.There are so many benefits of composting fall leaves and grasscycling, we think you should try it to see for yourself.
  • Are Your Neighbors Following Proper Watering Methods Watering your lawn too frequently is bad for it– many people don’t know this. Daily watering will cause your grass roots to have poor structure and cause it to be susceptible to drought and disease. We suggest watering your lawn one or two times weekly as this will provide you with a stronger, more resilient lawn.

Call In a Professional

If you want a beautifully landscaped home with lush green grass that adds to the beauty and the value of your home but hate to spend all that time maintaining your landscaping think about hiring a pro. Remember when you are hiring someone, lawn service differs from lawn care in that a lawn service company maintains your lawn and landscape by mowing, edging, line trimming, and pruning. In order to perform lawn care, the company must be properly licensed in their state to apply fertilizers, herbicides, fungicides, and pesticides.

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