When you should fertilize depends on a few different factors including the goals you have for your lawn, how much you are willing to spend on fertilizer, if you plan to hire a professional or if you are going to try the job yourself. These are only few things you will have to consider when it comes to fertilizing your lawn and remember that you can really mess up your lawn and if you don’t know exactly what you are doing. The following discusses the best time to fertilize your lawn, how to do it, and tips on hiring a professional…

When Should You Fertilize?

Fertilizer applications are usually spread out from early spring to late fall, occasionally in the winter too.

  • Your first application occurs in early spring.
  • The second will be in late spring.
  • The third application should be done in the middle of summer.
  • The fourth at the beginning of fall.
  • The fifth, and sometimes final, application is done in late fall.
  • Sometimes it is recommended to do a winter application.

Spring Applications

Your first two applications of the year will have a fertilizer that’s purpose is to boost the growth of your turf. A post emergent kills the weeds that have germinated and a pre-emergent prevents weeds from growing in the summer. These first two applications are the most important as they help set you up for success in the coming months. If they are not applied properly, you won’t be presented with the results you expected.

Mid-Summer Application

Your mid-summer fertilizer application is typically a light fertilizer that promotes growth and color during a rough, dry summer.

Fall Application

The fall fertilizer application are applied simultaneously with seed to encourage see germination and also prevent weed growth in the fall.

Winter Application

Winter fertilization helps you to maintain color and health throughout the colder months. If you are determined, you can handle the applications on your own. However, once you invest in good fertilizers and chemicals, and consider the time you will spend applying the fertilizer, the cost will be close to what you will spend hiring an experienced professional.

Challenges You May Run into When You Fertilize Your Lawn on Your Own

One of the most frequent challenges people run into when spraying their weeds on their own is that weeds have already poked above the surface. Professionals have large tanks of chemicals that they use, but you only have access to a granular weed and feed. This product will not work effectively unless you have the time to apply it early in the morning when the grass is still damp from the dew. Particulars from the weed and feed must be able to stick to the leaves of the weeds in order to kill them.

Reasons to Hire a Fertilization Professional

Do you desire a healthy, green lawn that is weed free all year? You are not alone– that is the dream. If you are like many others who want this luscious lawn, it is probably best that you work with a local lawn care specialist that focuses on residential lawn care. From personal experience, we do not advise working with one of the national providers, as they have a low customer retention rate. A quick web search will pull up poor reviews proving that they are not all that they claim to be. Instead work with a locally owned company that only does lawn fertilization. Even small companies that also do lawn and landscaping are not ideal as turf fertilization and weed control is its own specialty. When you hire a company that will mow and fertilize, you will not get as good results as you would if you hired a company that focused solely on lawn spraying and fertilization. When you hire a reputable company, you can expect them to handle the necessary applications to keep your lawn looking great and growing healthy. Generally a complete lawn program consists of 4 to 6 timely applications annually. Your best bet is to hire a professional. Sure, you can fertilize on your own and it might even be enjoyable, but it isn’t always a simple task. If you want to do it without the help of a professional, be sure to do your research on which fertilizers are the best.

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