If your lawn has bare spots and you are hoping to make it look full again, you’ve come to the right place. You might think you have to tear everything out and start new by completely reseeding or sodding it, but here’s a much easier way to restore your lawn’s luscious beauty. What’s that? Overseeding. Professional landscapers use this method to sow cool-season grass seeds on top of warm season turfgrasses for a lawn that is green even during the winter.

#1: Take the time to identify the reasons you feel your lawn needs to be overseeded.
#2: Prepare your lawn before you begin the process.
#3: Consider slit seeding using the machine and method described below.

Why Is Overseeding Effective?

Overseeding is a method used to fill in bare lawns and thicken sparse ones. You can leave the existing grass in place and use lawn seeding to fill in any gaps by sowing your seeds in spots where new grass is needed. If you are hoping to thicken your lawn, overseed the entire yard to create a thick, carpeted look and feel. Overseeding is also great for crowding out weeds. New grass seeds will bring thick, healthy grass when properly cared for. This new grass will be able to outperform weeds as it pulls vital nutrients away from the roots of the weeds. If you are wanting to change your existing turfgrass to that of a better variety, overseeding can be used. While it won’t change your entire yard to a completely different type of grass, it can be used to transition your lawn to a newer, more improved version of that same variety of grass.

Steps To Prepare Your Lawn For Overseeding

  1. Have a Soil Test Done. If you want your lawn to grow, it is important that you make sure that it is receiving the proper nutrients. Instead of throwing down any fertilizer, which can actually be more harmful than good, have a soil test done first. See what your lawn needs so that you can apply the right fertilizer. Note: excessive fertilization can burn grass roots which can stress out the grass and make it more susceptible to disease and infestation.
  2. Choose Your Grass Seed. Now you can decide which type of grass you want in your yard– the options are plentiful. If you are struggling to decide which would be best in your yard, Green & Grow can provide you with recommendations customized to the conditions of your lawn. Rid your lawn of any weeds. If you use chemical herbicides to do so, wait 2-3 weeks before laying down seeds.
  3. Mow & Weedeat. Mow your lawn down to about an inch tall to allow the new seeds to germinate better–just try to avoid scalping it. Generally, you won’t (and shouldn’t) cut your lawn this short but before you seed it is a good idea. Make sure you adjust your mower blades accordingly.
  4. Rake Your Lawn. This is especially important if your mower doesn’t have a bagger. Remove any grass clippings, leaves, and other debris that may cause the new seedlings to have spotty germination.
  5. Apply Your Fertilizer. Use the results from your soil test to determine which fertilizer is best for your lawn. Make sure you water your lawn after you apply the fertilizer.

What Is Slit Seeding?

A slit seeder is a machine that creates small slits in the ground that receive new grass seed.

Here are a few tips to using this machine like the pros:

  1. Pick the Right Machine. Choose a machine that is able to deposit your grass seed after it has created grooves in the turf, not before.
  2. Choose the Appropriate Broadcast Setting. Take the time to adjust the broadcast setting based on what is recommended for your specific type of seed.
  3. Tips on Applying the Seed. First, apply half of your new seedlings in one direction. We suggest that this is done in parallel rows as you mow and then do the rest again in parallel rows, but this time in rows that are perpendicular to the first.
  4. Give Your Grass a Drink. After using the slit seeder, it is time to water your lawn. You will need to keep the ground moist as the seeds germinate which could mean watering your lawn daily for a few weeks.

If you run into any problems or have questions about lawn seeding and using a slit seeder, call Green & Grow. We will help you resolve any issues you have so that you feel confident about tackling this job.

Green & Grow Can Help!

A dense lawn is the best natural defense against weed and insect damage. As your lawn ages, individual grass plants weaken, which can result in a thin, unhealthy lawn. Our power seeder’s reciprocating action prepares the seed bed for maximum seed germination without damaging the existing turf and also provides a light dethatching. This process includes ground-metered distribution and delivers exactly the right amount of seed to encourage plant development and lawn aeration.
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