Searching for that elusive perfect gift this holiday season? This year, think outside the box and consider giving the gift of lawn care. This Holiday season, you can give the gift of lawn care and they will think of you each time Green & Grow stops by their home or office. Below are some services you get your family or friends…

Lawn Fertilization & Weed Control

Green & Grow’s Fertilization and Weed Control programs provide a lush, healthy, green lawn. Our lawn fertilization program supplements the soils and feeds the plants. We take weed control very seriously and provide a wide range of treatments to tackle all the common weeds of Central Kentucky. We use only the finest fertilizers to achieve the best results for lawns.
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Aeration & Seeding

Lawn aeration will help strengthen the roots and allow the grass to grow deeper. Strong roots in grass will help make it look very green and more beautiful. A dense lawn is the best natural defense against weed and insect damage. Our power seeder’s reciprocating action prepares the seed bed for maximum seed germination without damaging the existing turf and also provides a light dethatching.
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Mosquito Control

Mosquito problem? We have the answer. We will come out and apply a barrier spray to rid of yard of mosquitoes and many other unwanted pests. The application needs to be done about every 3 or 4 weeks but works great.
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Flea & Tick Control

We will assess the lawn for a variety of dangerous pests like fleas and ticks that can damage your turf and harm the family. We provide 3 applications of insecticide to remove the fleas and ticks safely and efficiently.
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About Green & Grow

Green & Grow is a full-service lawn care company specializing in lawn mowing, fertilization & weed control, aeration & seeding, insect control, and more!