In order to successfully have a green lawn in the summer you need to make preparations in the winter. Here are some tips to have the most beautiful lawn in your neighborhood next summer…


You will need to start by removing any fall leaves or dead grass from the winter.


Inspect your lawn for any bare areas or brown patches that will need attention.Make sure all your minor lawn equipment is functioning and do the necessary routine maintenance. Your lawn care professionals will have their equipment in top shape by late winter.


Winter may bring some bare spots which are created due to grass and weeds that are competing for space. A lawn care professional can fill the spots with new grass to prevent weeds from growing during the summer.


You should notice grass sprouting once the temperatures reach at least 50 degrees. Mowing will be required with the new growth and your mower setting should be set high. Cutting your lawn lower than 2 ½ inches or more than ⅓ of the length will remove too much green leaf. The longer grass blades will promote longer roots which absorb more nutrients and prevent the growth of weeds.Your lawn care professional will know when to cut and at what length to make your lawn look it’s best.


This will not only provide a clean and manicured appearance but will also prevent overgrowth on sidewalks and flowerbeds.


Fertilizer is food for the lawn and will help it grow lush and green. In order to get the correct fertilizer for your lawn, you can do a soil test which you can get from your local home store. Lawn care professional know what products to use and when and how to use them for greatest effect.


Preventing the spread of weeds can be done by using a herbicide which is a weed killer. Crabgrass can sometimes be problematic and prevention is imperative, so the timing of its application is crucial. Contacting a lawn care professional will ensure you get this problem fixed the first time.


For optimal growth of shrubs and plants pruning is essential. Pruning should be done after blooming has occurred and not before. A landscaping and lawn care professional will know how best to prune so it doesn’t endanger your shrubs and trees.


Over compaction from frequent traffic, thinning turf from dying grass, or excessive thatch from poor watering is why annual spring aeration is vital to your lawn.

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