There are a few things that keep homeowners from having the lawn they’re dreaming of. Insects, disease, heavy foot traffic, weeds, fertilization, and pet urine are the most common roadblocks that homeowners are faced with as they work diligently to have the healthiest, greenest lawn. The following is a list of tips to help homeowners, like you, restore their lawn.

#1: Insect Infestation

Pests like beetles and grubs, as well as other insects, can harm your lawn. How can you treat an insect infestation and restore the health of your lawn? Use non-chemical methods or an insecticide, aerate the lawn, and then get to the root of the cause to avoid infestations down the road.

#2: Sun And Shade

When you choose grass seed or sod for your lawn, it is important that you consider the amount of sunlight or shade that makes its way to your lawn and landscape. Prune your lower limbs to allow more sunlight in shaded areas. You want to be sure that your lawn is getting adequate sunlight.

#3: Test For Disease

You should have your soil tested to look for any deficiencies or problems that might be causing fungal diseases. Invest in routine lawn maintenance, ensure that you have a good drainage system in place, and have the thatch removed from your lawn annually.

#4: Heavy Foot Traffic

Add pathways using concrete, pebbled rock, decorative stone, or other materials to reduce the amount of foot traffic on your lawn. Then, aerate the lawn to loosen the compacted soil to allow for new growth. You will then want to reseed any bare areas once you’ve aerated your lawn.

#5: Fertilize

Each lawn is unique. Being able to grow a healthy lawn will depend on the soil and climate of the area– and these are major contributing factors when it comes to choosing the right fertilizer. Hire a professional to analyze your lawn and determine which fertilizer you’ll need. Spend a little more to get a high-quality fertilizer and then apply it evenly to keep from over-fertilizing your lawn.

#6: Pets And Brown Spots

Pet urine contains an excessive amount of nitrogen which can cause brown spots in your lawn. In order to minimize the damage caused by pet urine, you need to water your lawn regularly to rinse it away. Have your pets drink plenty of water to help dilute the nitrogen in their urine as this can also make a difference.

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